The Power of Creating Art (a.k.a. making mockups when sick)

So today I still had to rest. I had been struggling with a heavy flu during the week and it just kept getting worse. In addition, the last few days my neck went stiff and turning my head to the right was a mission impossible. My doctor had given me extraordinary prescriptions to clear my congested nose and to sooth my inflamed throat – and what I meant by ‘extraordinary’ was that the meds literally put me into sleep mode seconds after they got into my stomach. It had been a week that I was in that condition and I was so tired of sleeping. And waking up with flu still annoying me.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother to even turn on my computer. I got dizzy already. And sleepy. But somehow my smartphone flashed a notification from CreativeLive and oh dear, a flash sale! I browsed quickly the sale page and found an illustrator course that I had been eyeing for months! Thanks to the quick checkout procedure that had already saved my information from previous purchases, I didn’t have to worry though I was half asleep when I made the payment.

Here I got the course. Then I needed to download the videos. The internet connection was a bit troubled (maybe because of the earthquake earlier the day before – not sure, but I noticed normally the internet connection would slow down when there’s an earthquake), so I opened some Photoshop files and played with mockups. I’m looking forward to a long vacation soon and I dream of turning my artwork into products, but for now, with the heavy flu and stiff neck, playing with mockups might give me some comfort…

So here they are. Simple tote bags mockups.

Lesson learned: keep creating even though you’ve got flu and stiff neck :D Because I felt better when done and I have to thank Photoshop for this. Maybe that’s the Power of Creating Art? Who knows.