When I started a drawing I never planned. Really, drawing is like a meditation for me. Whatever finally comes up on paper is purely intuitive. And if you had read my bounce back story, about how this whole folksy graphicalicious collection started, then you knew I had know idea what would initially show up on the paper (or on screen), after moving my pen or mouse. I have no idea, and I enjoy it. I enjoy the process and the results.

Well, after that, I started to put together the basic prototypes into various drawings. This is tricky, I mean, sometimes I could plan what I wanted to have (e.g. making a thank you card), but sometimes, some greater, unknown creative force would rule the day. I would have a completely different result than what I had imagined before. And that’s amazing! :D

Since in the beginning I didn’t intentionally start a collection, I made doodles during lunch break because I needed to move my hand over paper to release some stressful thoughts, I didn’t collect those papers. For sometime I just piled those papers on my desk, and I really didn’t pay attention until some colleagues mentioned how they liked my doodles.

The same with my drawings on the computer, lots of trial-and-error drawings, no specific themes and only when I needed to have this blog up I started to collect them. And, there were also my older artwork. Help!

Oh well, this is a real blogging experience! :D

And I think I need to restart little by little. I’m collecting all the artwork that I could find (thankfully I kept many of them, and I plan to post them in my blog posts, at the same time transferring them to a special portfolio page.


My first #LunchBreakDoodle. I posted it on Instagram on 3 October 2014 when I was about to participate in a blog challenge hosted by Blacksburgbelle – though I don’t really remember which date I made the drawing, might be a year before.

The other two sketches on the same ‘theme’: