New Gallery: Collages in My Journals 2016

Guess what, earlier this year while doing spring cleaning initially I wanted to get rid of my old journals, but now I realised they are full of funky collages I made out of old magazines and scrap materials. Nope, I don’t want to throw away the collages yet (though I so wanted to burn all those outdated journal entries :D). So I thought, taking pictures of and instagram them as a series might be a good idea?

I’ve been making collages forever as far as I can remember :D I still keep the habit of hunting for old magazines as well as for scrap materials. My current favorites are now japanese origami papers and lace-style washi tapes.

Many years ago when I was an exchange student in France, my host sister Isabelle used to keep piles of various home and fashion catalogues for me and would give me some more for my birthday so I could make tons of ‘decoupages’ on weekends ;D How I miss those days…

Head on to this page to see the collages:

Xo artfully,