explore play learn: oil paint brushes


So now I’m determined to document my graphicalicious exploration, everytime I play with my artwork and learn something new. Explore, Play, Learn. Well, hey, I think this is what blogging is all about.

And the fact is, I’m crazy about what the Adobe programs and those creative tools have to offer. Countless! It’s an abundance of play and each time I just got so excited because I feel like an amazed newbie all over again.

And today I am exploring oil paint brushes for Photoshop, and I decided to try them on my colouring page (that you can get inside The Artful Freebie Club, check it out here http://www.amretasidik.com/your-graphicalicious-goodies-this-week-colouring-pages-calendars-february-2017-wallpapers-wowya-thats-a-lot-d/ ). There are many kind of brushes to play with!

I bought the brushes from DesignCuts, AD Impastoshop thick paint machine by Alex Dukal ( https://www.designcuts.com/product/ad-impastoshop/ ) and you see, I couldn’t be happier today :D No, I haven’t been able to figure out everything, but that’s the point, it’s an exploration, play and learning in progress. Above is my first result. Far from perfect, but I really enjoy the process. And it makes me feel good!

See you in the next explore-play-learn :D