Collage in my journals: playing with mockup (again!)

First, I made a collage as part of my journaling activity (check also my other collages here). Then I took a picture of it and posted it on my Instagram. Then, I couldn’t help, I played with mockups. It’s so fun I really had a good time :D

I made the collage using tear-outs from old Elle magazines, mostly from ads pages. I’m mostly drawn by the colour composition, and also some headlines and catching words on the ads. “BEST THEN. BETTER NOW” was from a Timberland ad. And I used some gilded foil paper for additional details. Somehow I really like it. It gave a vintage feel to the collage, though the images are quite modern. I love the contrast.

After posting a picture of the collage on Instagram, I used the image to play with mockups! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it feels like creating a fantasy world, and it makes me happy :D

‘Till next time!