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Category: Mockups

Collage in my journals: playing with mockup (again!)

First, I made a collage as part of my journaling activity (check also my other collages here). Then I took a picture of it and posted it on my Instagram. Then, I couldn’t help, I played with mockups. It’s so fun I really had a good time :D

I made the collage using tear-outs from old Elle magazines, mostly from ads pages. I’m mostly drawn by the colour…

The Power of Creating Art (a.k.a. making mockups when sick)

So today I still had to rest. I had been struggling with a heavy flu during the week and it just kept getting worse. In addition, the last few days my neck went stiff and turning my head to the right was a mission impossible. My doctor had given me extraordinary prescriptions to clear my congested nose and to sooth my inflamed throat – and what I meant by ‘extraordinary’ was that the meds literally put…