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Category: An Artful Cup of Java

This week’s free goodies: year of the rooster colouring pages, calendars and wallpapers

Happy new year of the rooster my friend!!

Yup, the greetings come a week late but we still have 51 more graphicalicious weeks to celebrate until the next chinese new year! ;D

So you might guess this week’s freebies will have a theme of the rooster. Here they are!

February colouring calendars

February calendars with illustration on gold, red and yellow background colours.

Your Graphicalicious Goodies this week: colouring pages, calendars February 2017 + wallpapers (wowya that’s a lot :D)

Hello hello! Your goodiebag has arrived today and look, it’s full of graphicalicious new stuff for you to have artful-fun with! :D Every week, I will create several variations on a theme. And this week:

A colouring page a week + bonus calendar-to-colour February 2017

Calendar February 2017 + Desktop + Smartphone…

New Free Goodies: The Cute and Graphicalicious Gigi Wallpapers with January 2017 Calendar

Hello friends!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely and relaxing weekend!

This week I’ve got some cute + graphicalicious goodies for you ;D See the preview above? Little Gigi is the star of this month’s graphicalicious wallpaper with January 2017 calendar. Love it? Login to THE ARTFUL FREEBIE CLUB to download. If you are a member already, you can find the login information in each of my email. Don’t have access yet? Signup here. 

The desktop wallpaper also comes with…

Free Calendar-to-colour 2017 is here! (+ bonus)

Hi friends!  

I have to confess that I started the new year with a nightmare for a heavy coffee drinker like me: coffee overdose..

Does that something like that exist? I don’t know :D But on new year’s eve I spent the whole day and night finalising the calendar-to-colour 2017, and as always, a lot of coffee involved. I hit 00:00 on 1 January gloriously: the calendar-to-colour was done, and after taking pictures and…

NEW: fashion girl colouring page part 2 and collage wallpapers

Hello friend! I hope you are having a really nice Sunday!

This would be my last freebie post before launching the calendar-to-colour 2017 sometime next week. And I have not only a colouring page this time, but also two desktop wallpapers using the collages I created (see them…

New colouring pages: the fashion girls part 1

End of 2016 is fast approaching!

The good news is, I’m preparing new calendars-to-colour 2017 and hopefully they will be ready by next weekend.

In the meantime, pick up your colouring pencils and have a good time with these three new colouring pages: the fashion girls (part 1). The main drawing was inspired by a Gucci suite from cruise collection 2016.

I love fashion since I was just a little kid. My mother was a seamstress, she had a collection of fashion magazines and I often…

Takeaway from Sweden: OMNIA MIRARI ETIAM TRITISSIMA – a colouring sheet


Home again in Jakarta after almost 3 weeks in Sweden. And I’m still amazed by how visiting the home and the tomb of ‘my hero’ – my favorite imaginary grandpa, professor, teacher, advisor, best friend – the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, in the city of Uppsala, never failed to give me such refreshing re-look on life and to save me from feeling stuck. This time, by his words, from Philosophia Botanica: “OMNIA MIRARI ETIAM TRITISSIMA” which means “find wonder in all things. even the most…

Quick peek: how I draw a puppet head (41 seconds video)

Hi friends!

I’m experimenting with screen recorder and Windows movie maker… and I had super fun! My first video was a complete failure {lol} but the second one is what you’re watching above.

Ah yes, of course, never ever give up! Maybe next time I will make better videos, but in the meantime, enjoy a quick peek on how I draw a puppet {for coloring pages}. It’s a 41 seconds speedy video. Trial-and-error is somehow really fun! :D

Xoxo, artfully

12 new colouring pages in The Artful Freebie Club



Hi everyone!!

Finally, 12 new colouring pages are now up for you to download and colour and have a good time with :D

Please login to The Artful Freebie Club and get’em all!

Not yet a member? Click here to subscribe to my list and upon confirmation you will get the password to access the club.


Have a great week <3