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Thank you 2017, welcome 2018!

2018 will be a year of wonder and creative mindfulness. I just decided that, while waiting for the 2018 count-down and the fireworks to start. It made me feel good, so I guess that was a good pick!

Another decision, the new colouring calendars (as well as some other freebies) will be available for download directly…

Merry Christmas! God Jul! Joyeux Noël! <3

Happy Holidays everyone, with lotsa love! From me and the entire graphicalicious crew <3
And you see above my country graphics are making a comeback soon!
Little by little, since I have created over 1000 graphics since my first one in August 2000 :D
And certainly, new colouring…

Lunch Break Doodle: batik friday

Every Friday, you can see people wearing batik everywhere in Jakarta. It’s sort of a non-written rule, I guess. I mean, the office where I work does not have it written but wearing batik on Fridays has become a tradition.

I really love Javanese batik. Along with Swedish kurbits it’s the main inspiration to my artwork. And I grew up playing in my neighbour’s house, where the daughters spent their time making fine batik. I loved…

Collage in my journals: playing with mockup (again!)

First, I made a collage as part of my journaling activity (check also my other collages here). Then I took a picture of it and posted it on my Instagram. Then, I couldn’t help, I played with mockups. It’s so fun I really had a good time :D

I made the collage using tear-outs from old Elle magazines, mostly from ads pages. I’m mostly drawn by the colour…

explore play learn: oil paint brushes


So now I’m determined to document my graphicalicious exploration, everytime I play with my artwork and learn something new. Explore, Play, Learn. Well, hey, I think this is what blogging is all about.

And the fact is, I’m crazy about what the Adobe programs and those creative tools have to offer. Countless! It’s an abundance of play and each time I just got so excited because I feel like an amazed newbie all over again.

And today I am exploring oil paint brushes for Photoshop, and I decided to try them on my colouring page (that you can get inside The…

The Power of Creating Art (a.k.a. making mockups when sick)

So today I still had to rest. I had been struggling with a heavy flu during the week and it just kept getting worse. In addition, the last few days my neck went stiff and turning my head to the right was a mission impossible. My doctor had given me extraordinary prescriptions to clear my congested nose and to sooth my inflamed throat – and what I meant by ‘extraordinary’ was that the meds literally put…

From my sketchbook: elephants, ganesha

Current exploration: elephants. ganesha. symbol of strength, remover of obstacles. the patron of arts and sciences, intellect and wisdom. also known as patron of letters and learning. blame it on my late dad. when i was kid he told me stories about archetypes from various mythologies to make me fall asleep. but well, i dont remember if wonder woman was ever mentioned 🤣

Happy Birthday Jakarta!



When I started a drawing I never planned. Really, drawing is like a meditation for me. Whatever finally comes up on paper is purely intuitive. And if you had read my bounce back story, about how this whole folksy graphicalicious collection started, then you knew I had know idea what would initially show up on the paper (or on screen), after moving my pen or mouse. I have no idea, and I enjoy it. I enjoy the…